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    Happy Holidays

    Happy holidays from Sheryl Checkman Design and Life is Balance®!

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    Posted on May 27th, 2016

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    Paddle boarding at Club Getaway

    It is finally here: Memorial Day Weekend, the official start of the summer season, and my favorite time of year! The weather in New York is already steamy and the flowers in my garden are in bloom. Time to bring out the shorts and swimsuits and turn to all the outdoor activities that I love! This weekend I am dusting off my tennis racquet, hiking boots and swim suits for three days of fun at Club Getaway! Club Getaway is a sports resort for adults in the beautiful Berkshire Mountains of Kent, CT.

  • Dreamscapes – Expressing my Creativity through Photography

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    Riverscape abstract photo of the East River


    I received  a new Olympus OM-D EM5 Mark II mirrorless camera for my birthday this year. Up until now, I’ve been using a Canon G11, higher end point and shoot camera. I liked that camera but felt limited creatively. My new Olympus however, is allowing me to tap into my creativity, while I am learning to use it! I am hoping to grow, not only as an artist and designer, but as a photographer as well.

    I’ve started a series of photographs that are impressionistic in nature. I am calling this series my dreamscapes, because they are  landscape photos with a very dream-like, painterly look. For the most part I am making these photos within the camera, only relying on the computer to enhance colors more to my liking and mood. The photo above, Riverscape, was taken looking at the East River in NYC from Carl Shurz Park on the Upper East Side. The photos below, Park Bench Dream and Park View were also taken from Carl Shurz Park, but the vantage points and subject matter produce much different photos.

    This series is all about looking at things differently in order to create a unique work of art. The photos below are available for purchase at my Etsy Shop. You can click on each to go right to the listing. I welcome your thoughts and comments!

    Dreamscape photo of a park bench

    Park Bench Dream

    View from Carl Shurtz Park

    Park View

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