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    38 sports and activity designs on t-shirts at LifeisBalance.com

    38 sports and activity designs are now avaiable on t-shirts at LifeisBalance.com

    I am excited to announce that all 38 of the sports and activity designs at LifeisBalance.com are now available for purchase online! It’s been a long journey to get to this point, not without its ups and downs, but well worth the wait. Now, just in time for the holidays I’ve finally been able to add both men’s and women’s style t-shirts in several colors in short sleeve, as well as long sleeve tees for women. In the coming months, men’s long sleeves will also be available.

    Whether your passion is to surf or ski, scuba dive or play tennis, hike a mountain or jog along the beach, skydive, practice yoga or tend your garden, you’ll find a Life is Balance® t-shirt that speaks to you and just about anyone on your holiday gift list.

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