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    Last weekend I was invited upstate to a friend’s country house for a birthday celebration. Fall was definitely in the air, the weather was crisp… maybe a bit too crisp for early October but the leaves were turning all the beautiful shades of red and orange that they do every year at this time. My friend’s house is in Narrowsburg, NY, a town in the Catskills, not too far from the Bethel Woods Arts Center, the site of Woodstock.

    One of the neighboring towns, Callicoon, resides along the Delaware River. It’s a quaint town with some interesting antique and thrift shops. We walked in and out of the shops on Saturday and I found a great 100% wool beret in one of them for $3.00! What a find. But, my favorite find was the sign over the local bar/restaurant, Mathews on Main. Who could ask for anything more?

    Food • Bar • Happiness: What else could you ask for?

    Food • Bar • Happiness: What else could you ask for?

    A visit to a crafts festival at the Bethel Woods Arts Center was on our itinerary for Sunday afternoon. It was a beautiful day for an outing. I might not have gotten to Woodstock in 1969 but I finally made it in 2009. We walked to where they have a plaque commemorating the 1969 concert and had a great view of where the original stage was as well as the hill above it where all the thousands of people listened and partied for three amazing days.

    At the site of Woodstock

    At the site of Woodstock

    We didn’t have the time to go into the museum, which I hear is a must so I now have a reason to return.

    My version of the Anniversary T-Shirt

    My version of the Anniversary T-Shirt

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