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    I took a yoga class at Club Getaway wearing my Life is Balance Yoga Tee.

    Practicing yoga at Club Getaway wearing the Life is Balance Yoga Tee.

    One great way to balance out your life is with exercise. Another is to get away from your daily grind, even if it’s just for a nice long weekend. This past Labor Day Weekend I managed to do both! I spent three glorious days in the Berkshire Mountains of Kent, CT at Club Getaway, a weekend sports resort for adults. It’s like going back to camp! During the course of three days I managed to take a yoga class (wearing my Life is Balance yoga t-shirt of course), play lots of tennis, swim across the lake and hike alongside a waterfall, kayak around the lake and even strap on a regulator and scuba tank and go face to face with an inquisitive fish! All the stress of my daily life disappeared the moment I stepped off the bus from NYC and into the fresh country air! At Club Getaway you can practice your favorite sport or learn something new. There is something for everyone: tennis and mountain biking, hiking and rock climbing, kayaking, trapeze, yoga and fitness classes and much more. The food is terrific and there is never a lack of things to do. There are still a couple of weekends left before they close for the season. So go check it out! If you like this t-shirt, check out the rest of the designs here.

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