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    Life is Balance Tennis T-Shirt went to the US Open

    Life is Balance Tennis T-Shirt went to the US Open

    Tennis is one of the few spectator sports that I actually enjoy going to. I usually would rather be out there playing a sport than sitting on the sidelines watching. However when it comes to the US Open I really enjoy the whole experience of being at the Tennis Center, walking around the grounds and watching the the fans and, of course, watching the matches.

    Last night I first saw Serena Williams beat Flavia Pennetta in the Women’s Quarterfinals and then watched as Nadal won his match against Monfils in the men’s Quarterfinals at the US Open. What a great night for tennis! I even wore my Life is Balance tennis t-shirt for the occasion! I got my photo taken in front of a giant tennis ball, courtesy of Lexus.

    Getting ready to watch some great tennis

    Getting ready to watch some great tennis

    The Nadal/Monfils match was poetry in motion. It was one of the most athletic, exciting matches that I’ve seen in a long time. They both played incredibly well, but I think Rafael Nadal just out lasted Monfils in stamina.

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