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    Posted on August 20th, 2009

    Written by Sheryl Checkman


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    I have this wall clock that has hung on the wall of my kitchen for more years than I can remember. It was designed by Dietrich Lubs and made by Braun, and is so well designed in it’s simplicity, that I never even thought of replacing it. That is until one day I noticed that it was 5:00 all day long. I tried changing the batteries. But 5:00 never became 5:30. I thought maybe new batteries were bad, since they came from the fridge (I heard somewhere that they last longer in there), but I swapped out several others and still no time change. I even tried taking the clock apart to see whether there was some easy fix (yeah right, like it would be that easy!). I noticed that there are some very tiny wires that go into what must be the clock mechanism and that one of the wires seemed to be attached to nothing in particular. Ah ha! Now that I could see what was wrong, I tried to see if I could get the wire to go where I thought it should. No luck!

    I really like this clock and would love to see it back up on my wall working. I can’t tell you how many times I look for the time on the blank wall where it should be. I miss my clock and would love to find a service center or someone handy who could fix it!

    It's always 5:00 here!

    It's always 5:00 here!

    I just found some information on this clock at 50 Years Braun Design Innovation
    It is called the ABW 30 Wall clock.

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