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    Life is Balance Protect and Preserve Ocean Environmental design Anyone who knows me, knows that the ocean is my second home (or would be if I already owned my dream home). From the time my father taught me to swim as a little girl, I have always felt comfortable in and around the water. Whether I’m sitting on the beach watching the ocean’s waves roll in and out or immersed in it, not only do I feel at peace, but I feel a connection to something special. When I scuba dive I am a visitor to another world — a world beneath the sea. There is an enormous amount of life under the ocean’s surface. Coral reefs are teaming with life, fish and animals both big and microscopic all living together in a fine balance. Each time I dive, I notice more damage to the reefs and less and less fish life. There are many organizations who dedicate themselves to protecting and preserving our ocean environments and educating divers, fisherman and the general population about ways they can help.

    One of my Life is Balance® designs (above) represents our need to protect and preserve our oceans and their inhabitants. I have decided to donate portion of sales from this design to an environmental charity. The question is, which one? I am currently considering two different organizations. Blue Ocean Institute uses science, art, and literature to inspire a closer bond with nature, especially the sea. As an artist and ocean lover, I like this.

    Another ocean environmental organization that I am looking at is Oceana Oceana is the largest international advocacy group working solely to protect the world’s oceans. Oceana’s vision is “to make our oceans as rich, healthy and abundant as they once were.” The oceans cover 71 percent of our planet. They control our climate, drive our economies and feed our peoples.
    A sentence in particular from their vision statement struck a chord with me:
    “For millions of sailors, swimmers and vacationers of all stripes, they offer a refuge from the metal and concrete that encase our working lives.” Now if that’s not what Life is Balance® stands for I don’t know what is!

    I’d love for my readers to share their thoughts and opinions about these particular organizations and help me decide which one to contribute to.

    Sea Foam

    Don't ever take for granted the coming and going of the ocean's tide!

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    1. May 17th

      i very much enjoyed reading your post! I am just the opposite and only wish I could feel a bit more at home when it comes to water, but I guess a fear of everything deeper than a puddle comes with falling in a swimming pool as a baby and almost drowning…:( As far as the organizations go: you can’t go wrong with either one of them it seems. They both sound great! Can’t wait to hear how you decide!

    2. May 17th

      Thanks Diana for taking the time to comment and to give me your opinion!

    3. You have a wonderful blog and very thoughtful. I love that you are giving to an organization that you really care about. I would go with the smaller one to give them more recognition.

      Thank you for entering our lucky elephant giveaway.

      I love your site! 🙂

    4. May 16th

      Great blog! And I know how you feel, on a smaller scale. Living in Minnesota and growing up with the opportunity to spend the summer at our family cabin on the lake, I love and appreciate this very precious natural resource.
      Both organizations sound great! But I do like the Blue Ocean’s idea of inspiring a closer bond with nature. We are always more willing to protect what we love!:)
      Thanks for doing this Sheryl.

    5. May 16th

      It would be hard to choose between those two organizations.  Both do such great work!  I love that you are donating to them!

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