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    Block Island Harbor

    Sailboats off Block Island

    I love summer. Warm sunny endless days. Short sleeves and flip flops. BBQ’s and beaches. As the last weeks of August are upon us I find myself wanting to hold off the inevitable onset of fall. Wait! I’m not ready to start wearing socks again! I haven’t done all that I promised myself I would this summer. After a four days of rain and cool weather this past week, I could almost hear autumn knocking on the door. But summer is not quite ready to depart and the sun has finally come out again and the forecast for the upcoming week is blissfully warm and sunny, which fits perfectly into my upcoming vacation plans!

    Tomorrow morning I am off to the Hamptons for the beach and a BBQ with my ski friends and then on Monday I take a ferry from Montauk to Block Island where I will spend two nights (three days) on my friend’s boat! From the pictures on the internet (see above) it looks beautiful!  Lucky me! Stay tuned and I’m sure my own photos will follow soon!

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