• A New Perspective Balances My Day!

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    The Lotus Garden, a community on west 97th Street in NYC

    A little bit of heaven I discovered on West 97th Street

    I’ll admit that this has not been a great week for me. I’ve been anxious about a few things lately, both personal and business-related. It hasn’t felt good. However, yesterday I discovered that sometimes a new perspective can literally change your perspective!

    I spent an hour  yesterday morning in the Lotus Garden, a hidden community garden, tucked away above a garage on West 97th Street in Manhattan. Deborah Roth of Spirited Living, introduced me to this hidden gem, where she tends her very own urban garden plot. The lush green space is abundant with a variety of plants, flowers, couple of ponds and even a peach tree! All this on the Upper West Side – who knew?

    Deborah is a Life Transition Coach, Certified Relationship Coach, and Interfaith Minister. Deborah and I met in a women’s networking group that we both belong to, Powerful You Women’s Network. Our meeting this morning was to get to know each other better and I definitely left, not only knowing more about Deborah and the unique perspective she brings to her coaching business, but I think I also gained a new friend as well. Deborah has a calm, easy demeanor and is easy to talk to… she’s a good listener. I can see what a great coach she must be.

    That hour spent talking with Deborah in her garden made me realize that things are not always as they appear to be.  You can look up to see a garden atop a garage on a city street, or you can keep your eyes down and only see the concrete pavement below. It’s how you choose to look that can change your perception. Our visit in the garden came to an end. Deborah was off to a yoga class and I left to tackle the challenges that waited for me back home. We all find balance in different ways, and I find that those ways change daily. Yesterday it was discovering a beautiful garden and a new friend – and a yoga class later that evening didn’t hurt either!

    Deborah Roth

    Deborah Roth in the Lotus Garden wearing a Life is Balance® Yoga t-shirt.

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    Posted on September 9th, 2011

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    Remembering 9/11

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    Photomontage of Ground Zero days after the attacks. Military guards, smoldering ruins and the clock stopped
    I created this photomontage from photographs that I took at Ground Zero in the days after the WTC attacks of 9/11. “Here is New York : A Democracy of Photographs” an exhibition that was initially set up in a storefront in response to the World Trade Center tragedy. 

    10 years have gone by since that terrible day in 2001. I remember that morning all too well. The sky was blue and the sun was shining.  I was getting ready to vote in the primary and go to work. My friend David phoned and told me to turn on the news. Together we watched what looked like a small plane crash into one of the towers. The magnitude of what had just happened before our eyes had yet to make sense to me. Still believing this to be an accident, I went to vote. The polls had yet to close. I then got on the subway (even they were still running) and traveled to my office on 26th and Broadway. Crossing 5th Avenue I looked south and saw the black smoke rising from the street in the distance. I saw people in tears hugging each other. The towers had fallen. Stunned I went up to my office. The phone rang – it was my friend Sue telling me to get out of there. My office was near the Empire State Building. Who knew what could happen next. I left my office and started the long walk back uptown along with everyone else trying to get as far from downtown as possible. It was a surreal exodus. A distraught man stopped me and asked if he could borrow my phone to call his wife. He had been down near the World Trade Center when it happened and wanted her to know that he was ok. I gave him the phone but he couldn’t get through. Everyone else with a cell phone was attempting to to the same thing.

    I walked until my feet were covered in blisters. My high heeled sandals were not exactly made for walking long distances in. Later, when I finally went back to work, I brought a pair of sneakers to leave in my office, just in case. When I finally got home I went to my local salon for a pedicure – just so I didn’t have to be alone. I remember being glued to the TV for days watching those horrible scenes played over and over again. I remember walking in Central Park a few days later with a friend  trying to make sense of it all, while the scent of ash, carried all the way uptown, marred another beautiful day. I volunteered at the Salvation Army, trying to feel useful.

    And now it is 10 years later. Life has gone on. But I will never forget that senseless day when terror shook our city to it’s very core and thousands of innocent people and those brave first responders lost their lives. It is for them that I remember and pay them tribute.


  • Time to Give

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    My Life is Balance Facebook page has reached an awesome 400 fans! Thanks in part to a group of women I have come to know on a Martha Stewart forum called Dreamers into Doers. We are all entrepreneurs with a dream, and doing something to make it happen. With their help as well as help from another great group that I joined, the IndieExhibit,  my page went from under 100 fans to 400 fans in just a couple of months! The IndieExhibit represents independant artisans and creatives in celebrity gift lounges in Hollywood. Thank you to everyone … you all rock!

    So, in honor of this milestone I’m going to have a give-away of one of my Life is Balance® t-shirts! Here’s the way it will work:

    1. Like Life is Balance® on Facebook

    2. Follow @LifeisBalanceTs on Twitter

    3. Visit our website, LifeisBalance.com and our Etsy Shop 

    4. Post a comment below letting me know you’ve done the above steps and tell me what sport or activity balances your life.

    I will pick a winner at random by next Monday, August 8 to receive a Life is Balance® T-shirt.






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