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    Super Moon over the east River in NYC

    Sunday evening I was lucky enough to go down to the East River promenade in Carl Shurz Park on the upper East Side of Manhattan to witness the rise of the supermoon! This past weekend’s full moon was the closest that the moon will get to the earth’s elliptical orbit for 2013. As I stood on the promenade waiting for the moon to show it’s face I was in the company of other photographers waiting for the same event. A few had fancy SLR cameras on tripods, some like me a point and shoot or an iPhone. I used a Canon G11 point with a tiny tripod so that I could use the night shot settings without getting a blurred picture. It worked out pretty well although I must say that I was a bit envious of the fancier cameras, with long lenses, which could really get a much better perspective. But all in all I don’t think it’s too bad for a point & shoot! Below are a few of my other shots – some with a little added creativity! Enjoy!

    supermoon rising behind Roosevelt Island in NYC

    My first shot as the moon was peeking out from behind Roosevelt Island.

    supermoon rising NYC


    I experimented using a sunset mode and got this colorful photo!


    Dots of light… A minimalist view!





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