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    Last weekend I hit the slopes for the first time since last season. My friends and I went on our annual ski clinic weekend with Maximum Ski Tours to Gore Mountain in the Adirondak Mountains of upstate New York. It felt great to put on my skis and point them down the hill once again. The clinic, which divided skiers by ability, focused on completing round, carving turns and was a great way to jump start summer legs back into ski legs. While NYC and points south received lots of fresh snow, we alas received zilch! Nadda! Nuttin! However, the snowmaking provided by Gore did make for surprisingly good conditions despite the fact that mother nature dissed us in the mountains.

    It’s always great getting back on the slopes but I can’t say that the experience was pain-free. As soon as I struggled into my “custom-fit” boots I knew something was wrong. They were so tight I could barely feel my feet (and not in a good way!). I managed to ski all weekend despite the severe pain of my boots pressing on a nerve below my ankle. When I got home I proceeded to mark my feet with a marker showing exactly where my boots hurt and then went straight to Surefoot where I had purchased them. Surefoot makes custom boots with liners molded to your foot and they guarantee the fit as long as you have the boots. Adrian, the boot technician that worked with me was terrific. He looked at my marked up foot and saw where the problem was immediately. Not exactly sure how to fix the problem, and rather than submit me to trial and error (and possibly more pain), he made me new custom liners right then and there! I have no doubt that my next venture onto the snow will be virtually pain-free! Thank you Surefoot for superb customer service!

    Now I can’t wait to get back out on the slopes and hit those diamonds! Maybe I’ll wear one of these shirts, because when the shoe  (or boot) fits, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend!

    Diamond are a girl's best friend t-shirt

    "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" T-shirt design available at WearMySkiArt.com

    And, now that my ski boots won’t be hurting any more, I will definitely not be “whining” on the slopes!

    No Whining T-Shirt

    No Whining. If you ski double diamonds you can't whine about it!

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    1. DaveNo Gravatar
      Dec 29th

      I have relatives who’ve done the “custom fit” boot – and things never seem to work right on the first trip to the hill. It’s hard because both your foot and the boot itself are different in the shop compared to the hill.  Glad you got fixed up, though, and we’ll hope next time out things work right.  Good luck this ski season!

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