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    Life is Balance is a sponsor of the Empire State Winter GamesI’m excited to report that Life is Balance® has become a sponsor of the Empire State Winter Games in Lake Placid, NY. The Empire State Winter Games is a multi-day sports event, taking place February 2-5, 2012.  For more than 31 years, the Games have brought together nearly 1,000 athletes from across the State to compete in a variety of winter sports. What better venue for Life is Balance® t-shirts? I’ll be placing a brochure in each athlete’s gift bag with a coupon code for a discount on the Life is Balance website. And, two t-shirts are going to be raffled off during the weekend!

    Not only am I able to help support young athletes in their quest to realize their dreams, but I learned about some sports I’ve never heard of! The winter sports included in these games consist of: alpine skiing, biathlon, bobsled, cross country skiing, figure skating, luge, skeleton, ski jumping, ski orienteering, slopestyle, snowshoe racing, speed skating, women’s ice hockey and skier/border cross. Slopestyle? Skeleton? Sounds more like a fashion show for Halloween!

    Did you know that the Slopestyle competition takes place on a course consistingof variations of jumps and handrails. Anywhere from 3 to 5 of these “features” make up a standard size run. Athlete get two attempts to execute their most difficult and creative maneuvers. Another one new to me is Skeleton –   a fast winter sliding sport in which an individual person rides a small sled down a frozen track while lying face down, during which athletes experience forces up to 5g. Crazy? They don’t think so. I think I will stick to downhill skiing!

    Here are some of the winter sports themed t-shirts available from LifeisBalance.com:

    Men's Ski/Snowboard T-Shirt

    Keep Your Edge Men's Ski/Snowboard T-shirt

    Women's long sleeve figure skating t-shirt

    Controlled Spin women's long sleeve ice skating t-shirt

    Men's Ice Hockey T-Shirt

    Reach Your Goal Ice Hockey T-Shirt

    Women's short sleeve ski/snowboard t-shirt

    Keep Your Edge women's ski/snowboard t-shirt

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      Thanks Lisa. I’ll let you know how it works out.

    2. Congratulations Sheryl, that sound exciting.

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