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    Today is Earth Day. A day to pay homage to mother earth and renew our pledge to conserve her resources. With all the natural disasters that seem to be playing havoc lately, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, we need to stop and consider how much of these “acts of nature” are actually the result of humans mismanagement of or resources. There are plenty of things that we can do to preserve the environment that we take for granted. Conserve energy. Turn out lights and computers when not in use. We’re all guilty, myself included. Don’t print out every email. Use recyclable tote bags to cart your groceries, buy green products, don’t litter.  Treat the earth, it’s land and oceans as you would your own home — because it is. Make a conscious effort today, Earth Day to start walking the walk. Mother Earth will thank you for it.

    My Earth Day design is available on items that will help you get started: travel mugs and Sigg water bottles to avoid disposable coffee cups and plastic water bottles, tote bags for groceries and, of course, t-shirts. Check out all the Share the World styles and products!

    Share the World canvas tote bag

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